How to calculate tablet coating pan capacity

Dear All,
can somebody please tell me how to calculate the capacity of tablet coating pan.
for example if coating coating pan having dia of 60 inches and having capacity of 500 liter, so how much minimum kg and maximum kg of tablet we can take up for smoother operation.


It should be derived during the PQ of the equipment using placebo product with different bulk density.
Take atleast 3 runs on your coating pan using placebo product (tablets or granules) and check the equipment behaviour.
Durign selection of placebo, consider the product with high density (sugar) and low density (starch)

the capacity of coater determine by knowing brim volume (water volume) of pan and multiplying the Bulk density of tablets 0.65 g/ml e,g,
for max capacity
500 ltr. (Brim Volume) X 0.65 g/ml = 325 Kg
For minimum capacity

60 % of Brim Volume X 0.65g/ml = Mimimum batch size
However it my vary depending up tablet size and shape.