Goggles in Cleanroom

We are presently looking at how we can best utilise goggles in the cleanroom.
One off use and then cleaning using IPA would seem like a good practise. However, the anti fogging can deteriorate using IPA
Gamma irradiation can also adversely affect the visibility of the goggles over time too.

So I am looking for alternative practices that is both convenient and inexpensive.

This is a common problem noted all over the world.For this reason now a days a small chamber will be placed in one of the common room/Return rooms where they will place these googles which are marked for individuals in a Good UV chamber with 2 UV lights under LAF. Laf works during opening of the small door.There is a limit switch which will shut down the UV light when you open and pick and close.
This operation is proved to be safe, effective and quicker.