GC- Instrument Qaulification

To put my question straight, What are the tests that will be done by an Agilent service engineer when he qualifies the instrument.

Hope fully, he may perform the following test for 6890 and 7890 [Please correct me if i’m wrong]

Manual OQ for,

  1. Flow Accuracy
  2. Temperature Stability
  3. Inlet pressure accuracy
  4. Inlet pressure decay
  5. Oven temperature accuracy

Automated QO for,

  1. Signal to noise
  2. Noise and Drift
  3. Injector Linearity [Only for ALS, Will it be applicable for HS also?]
  4. Detector Linearity [Hope this is applicable only for FID and not for TCD and ECD]
  5. Carry Over [ Head space and ALS]

Suppose if i have to follow the above tests [if i’m correct] in Agilent 6890 and in 7890, then what are the standards used by an Agilent engineer to Qualify the results [for Automated OQ].

Do they follow standard reports to show the test are pass/fail. If yes, Could you please post some sample reports on that.

Sakthi Dasan.S