Flawed Document referance

Hi all

I have encounted a flaw in a well renouned document were referance was made to a certain clause was incorrect.I wanted to know that if wrong referances are made in your documents and discovered by an auditor would the said auditor immediately disregard that document as being incorrect or flawed or if you could still refer to that document for referance.

What type of flaw is it. Would you regard it as a Major or a Minor flaw?

This document that you are mentioning, is it the clause that is incorrect or the document referenced is incorrect?

Thanks for the speedy reply

I would consider this a minor as the clause that is been referred to is incorrect, but considering that this document I am refering to is a well renowned reference guide and it has been reviewed by many for approval and has not been picked up is questionable

I suggest putting the document through a change control and detail the mistake followed by the corrective action.

Has this flaw impacted any other decisions based on this document?

This would be close to impossible would those guys even think of accepting such an proposal