FDA GMP requirement: Avoid Non contact with floor? 21 CFR Part 110

Hello everyone!.

I just have a question, I use the 21 CFR part 110. and I try to find if on the FDA regulations a point that describes that the packages product (food) can not be on the floor, or even on the warehousing practices avoid the product touch the floor?..

I hope can you help me on this.

Check Subpart E Section 110.80 Process and Controls discusses this but not directly.

"(5) Work-in-process shall be handled in a manner that protects against contamination.

(6) Effective measures shall be taken to protect finished food from contamination by raw materials, other ingredients, or refuse. When raw materials, other ingredients, or refuse are unprotected, they shall not be handled simultaneously in a receiving, loading, or shipping area if that handling could result in contaminated food. Food transported by conveyor shall be protected against contamination as necessary."

The link to the code is below.


Hope this helps.