FBD & RMG Capacity

Why FBD (Fluidized Bed Dryer) capacity measured in Kg and RMG (Rapid Mixer Dryer) capacity measured in Litre?

Dear Gajjutapu…
It’s a design issue.
The main functionality of RMG is "holding, mixing and granulating of standard volume”. The bulk density is product specific and may not be same for all products. You product may be cotton (lowest density) or osmium (highest density), you can process only the standard volume in your RMG. Hence its capacity is mentioned in liters.

But, in case of FBD, its functionality is not only holding of a product, but also fluidization (lifting up) of its weight. The air inlet duct (of FBD) and exhaust ducts are designed based on the weight it should lift up. Hence, FBD capacity should be mentioned in kg only


good answer … And also tell me the how much % of volume we can accept between Manufacturers and actual, because recently we have received 1400L RMG, but during installation qualification we have calculated the actual by measuring area and we found 1742L, so is this acceptable?


Sir fbd me finger beg ka arrangement styl or rmg ke chopper or empellr ke speed menemum or maximum kese PTA krte hai