Enterprise Software Validation, ie Trackwise?

I’m going to start validating Trackwise software. I’m more knowlegeable in validating single license SW. What are the key items I should look for in enterprise software such as this?

Thanks in advance for responding,

Just to maybe get the ball rolling…

Security (user roles) is always something I look at closely with enterprise-level apps.

An offshoot of that is what happens if a particular user being logged in on more than 1 computer (is it allowed?).

Another thing is how things handle (attempts at) simultaneous access (is there any chance that something gets stepped on).

Also for enterprise systems you need to test concurrency and ensure multiple people can use the system without affecting performance.

Other items to consider would be:

  • Connectivity (What happens if many users hit the server at once)
  • Simultaneous access testing (What happens if the database gets too large)

In your validation the PQ is the place where, as applicable, confirmation is made that the system properly handles stress conditions applicable to the intended use.

PQ for Performance, OQ for Operational Testing.


Thanks Graham and Yodon. Key areas to address. If you have any suggested guides or other materials please let me know. Maybe another book for AAV?