Dop / pao

Dear ,

Is the DOP liquid ban by regulatory body.?

If yes , when ,why and any documents are there related to it. ?

Vinod Kumbhar


Yes, it is by WHO as Di octyl pthalate is Carcinogenic when its monodisperse droplets enter lungs of humans.
Poly alpha oleiphins are more safer.

Dear Sir,

In WHO where it is mentioned ?

Vinod Kumbhar

In WHO it is not mentioned. Who directive stops the usage of this material/product due to its carcinogenicity.Please contact your nearest WHO office in your country.They will immediately respond.

It gives you an Idea why it must not be used.
This is not a WHO document.Yet it gives a great insight about this matter.
I think Indian work places do not like to replace Dop with Pao.
They still cling to old dop testing.I have seen in many facilities still talking about DOP.
Its a pity state of awareness in India even they boast that they will become a Generic Power house along with China.
Workers safety is most important too.OSHA guidelines are not in place in India in many companies.

DOP.pdf (64.6 KB)