Document management system

Hello there, can any one tell me about the validation plan for the document management system and also the user requirement of document managment systme.

plz can any one answer my question i really want the answer… admin can u help me


Hi khatrisushil,

First off, have patience. You posted a question on the weekend and that’s generally a time off for US and EU. If you require immediate answers, you will likely need to contract out.

Second, you have not really provided sufficient information for anyone to base much of an answer on. If you’re in a regulated environment (and I presume you are) and you’re using a software-based document management system then, yes, validation is a good idea, as is any software system that potentially affects quality. The Plan just describes what you will do, how you will do it, what resources are required, what artifacts will be created, etc. I expect that if you google “validation plan” you’ll likely see some reasonable templates.

Finally, user requirements define how your company will use the system. Presuming this is a software package you’ve purchased, you don’t need to test all the functionality. Define just how you use it at your company (and then validate to those aspects).

Hope that helps.