Differential pressure values

for solid dosage and cleanrooms in asceptic areas, is their any bar/restriction/regulation for high value of diff. pr. say 100 pa bet. corridor and prod. rooms? are the auditors likely to object for this high value? i am keeping 60 pa in some of the rooms in the solid dosage and asceptic areas.

The information is too less to comment.
But there are few rules you have to know before you actually keep a differential pressure

  1. Nature of Products and containments
    2.Entry and exit procedures
    3.What type of product you manufacture.
    4.Flow of materials
    5.Man flow and process flows
    6.Specific design of facility.
    7.Equipment consideration.

Unless we know the classes of products ,facility design and product attributes its not wise to comment and give you wrong information.
But from your end you cannot share such issues as it keeps your production facility manufacturing portfolio at risk when it comes into eyes of competitors.