Difference between Holding and Storage

I would like to know the difference between Holding and storage?

Duration? I’m not sure about this answer. Is this for cold chain management or other transportation activity? Or other temperature sensitive activities? Is this for “clean hold times” or “dirty hold times” or “sterile hold times” for cleaning activities?

At one company we did a risk based approach for stability chambers vs QC samples freezers - and determined that stabilty chambers were storage, while QC freezers were “short term” storage.

Is there a regulation which is asking for a differentiation?

I agree with JaredCroft - what is the reason for needing to differentiate?
In general terms, the way I would differentiate is:
Holding - the time-point(s) within a process where product is held prior to continuing processing (typically short term relative to “storage”).
Storage - the time-point (& conditions) at the end of a particular process (typically long-term).

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A practical example - the goods are held at 25 degrees C. the goods are stored between 20 - 25 degrees C. the OED is a great reference if this is not understood.

Source: LinkedIn Group