Determine limit of detergent residual cleaning samples

I am an Analytical Chemist, working on to validate an HPLC method to analyze residual detergent in either rinse or swab samples.
The valdiation requires to have the cleaning procedure finalized and allowable limit determined.
Since these information are related to my validation protocol of the HPLC method.

For now, I know only LD50 of this detergent.
Can you kindly provide me equations to calculate the allowable limit in the cleaning samples (either rinse water or swabs)
thank you very much!

Dear Zheyin

MACO = [NOEL x Min. batch size (next product)] / [safety factor x maximum daily dose (next product)]
Where, NOEL = [LD50 (g / kg) x Human body average weight (70 kg)] / 2000

Pls have a glance at the attached page for detailed information


MACO-Based on LD50.pdf (45.1 KB)