Detergent TOC analytical Method

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How starting about detergent analysis by TOC in Last rinse ?
(Acceptance Criteria NMT 10 ppm)

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Dear thanee_ram,

which is exactly the issue: how to calculate the amount of TOC accepted, how to sample, how to calculate the amount of detergent starting from the TOC value, etc.?

As an advice, do not start directly analizing the last rinse. As with every rinse sampling, (not sampling by rinsing, but sampling the last rinse!), the objection is that you cannot assume that all the detergent remaining in the equipment before the last rinse can then be found in the last rinse (if you could assume this, there would be no need for validation). So, the analisis of the last rinse is valid (and only to monitor cleanliness, not to validate) if it has been correlated to actual levels of detergent in the equipment, that is, to demonstrate that if the level of detergent in the last rinse is below a target level, the remaining in the equipment is below the acceptance level, too.

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