Design Qualification - PLC

What parameters should be checked in DQ document for an equipment having PLC controls? What design parameters to be checked for PLC?

Can you expand on what you mean by Design Qual

The Design Qualification (DQ) is executed as the final verification that the Design Specification (DS) will deliver the requirements that the end user has detailed in the User Requirement Specifications (URS), and that the design is compliant with all applicable regulatory, company, health and safety requirements. Therefore you must verify every aspect of the design.

With ‘Off the Shelf’ equipment or software, it must be used to verify that the proposed purchase can fulfil all the end user requirements as detailed in the URS.

It cannot be over-emphasizes just how important the DQ is. There are many horrendous blunders perpetuated by some really clever dedicated individuals, which would have been caught at DQ level, if there had been one.

Alex Kennedy

What is mentioned in a design Qualification?
tell me if a software is developed in-house then the developer should provide the functional specifications and the design specifications?
Are these functional specification and design specification to be included in the design qualification. Please reply to this.

Hi Rohini,

I’ll suggest based on the end application of PLC one must design the DQ.

Example : 1. Humam intervetion required Yes / No. {Level of control}
2. Auto control of Temp. required Yes / No {range of temp / accuracy}
3. Auto control of pressure required yes / No… & so many more these are the priliminary needs & definitely you had defined in URS as well.

If ok with you share a draft URS, so we can propose a littile bit more specific design part of PLC.

Happy Reading !

Hi Alex,

When you talk about Design Qualification (DQ) are you talking about a design qualification for a piece of equipment?

If so, is the design specification (DS) a specification that comes with the purchased equipment? i.e. it is provided by the equipment supplier