CSV Validation and IT compliance certification Information

Dear All,

Requesting you all to guide me that if there is some certifications for CSV or IT Security and Compliance Certification, which can be helpful in my CSV career. I believe certification gives a confidence to be a subject matter expert. I was going through few sites and found CISSP and CISA exams for Information systems security, but could not get a good idea through those websites. Is there any pre qualification required for appearing to CISSP and CISA exams. I have heard that these two exams are tough exams and not easy to crack.

Kindly help me with this query and few documentations regarding the question types asked for this two exams.


I am not aware of official certifications, which address CSV specifically.
Having said that I admit that training companies are issuing THEIR certificates upon completion of course curricula, e.g. Concept Heidelberg.

Would consider instead ISPE’s CPIP certification:

This is on GMP in general and also has CSV in it’s scope.
It is very broad in scope. Therefore, it will be hard to crack as you are saying. On the other hand, you will learn a lot on all areas you will have to deal with.

As regards security certification, I believe that this is a totally different area. There is little overlap. So, better make a choice, what you want to focus on in the mid term future.