CSV for a Web Based App


We have a web based application that its used in conjunction with Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) system to view and control the HVAC Units. The program is called i-Vu CCN. Need direction as to how to address the requirements for CSV for an App like this? Which approach to follow? Any recommendations are Greatly appreciated!

Hello @Alfred_Z

First thing you need to do my friend is create a Validation Plan for this project which will outline the direction for the validation effort.

The next thing I would do it is create a URS document detailing the full requirements of the system…this is an essential document you need that will dictate the rest of the validation effort.

Here is an article I wrote that will help you create the URS:

And here is a book I recommend you purchase that will hep you create the validation plan.

Best of luck!

Thank You so much for your quick response!!! Appreciate your time…

Glad to help.