Continous particle counter monitoring with external vacuum pump rather than built in

We would like to go for the continous non viable particle counter monitoring, is it adviseable to go for particle counter with external vacuum pump if there are multiple location more than 10 for non viable particle count. Please some body who has worked on this kind of equipment please answer my question


Hi Deepak,

You need one vaccum pump which is normaly kept in service area for drawing samples from multi location. Disadvantage of this system is that you need a lot and lengthy tubes. Cost of tube you need to consider as this is not an ordinary PU tube. Maintenance issues of complex tube distribution needs to be taken care.
Second option is to use individual pump with sensor, in which you will have long cable distribution and easy to maintain.
My experience with installation of common pump is not good and suggest to go for individual pumps with sensors.

Dear all

can you suggest me which type of non viable particle counter( 1 cfm or 3 cfm) to be use for routine monitoring & which one is accepted by regulatory.


Dear Uday,

Air Volume depends upon the area class where you want to perform the activity . For Exp. during Initial Qualification of Class A ,Air volume should be 1000 L (36 CFM approx) and for routine use 1 CFM .

Himanshu C