Compression machine cleaning agent

By which substance we should clean compression machine.

Dear sanmut,

to be on the safe side, ask the manufacturer of the compressing machine. The point is that there is a variety of materials in a compressing machine that are not used in other kind of pharmaceutical equipment (e.g. aluminium in product contact) but are tolerated in tablet presses considering that the product contact is spurious. These materials may not be compatible with cleaning agents normally used in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, alkaline cleaners are widely used because the solubilize a variety of active ingredients as their sodium salts, and do no harm to mixers, driers, etc., but can etch aluminium parts of a tablet press. On the other hand, phosphoric or citric acid cleaners may be incompatible with hard chrome plated punches and dies. Probably the best choice is a neutral cleaner, but, again, ask the equipment manufacturer for a compatibility statement.

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