Compressed Gasses- Validation

This method proves High degree of assurance and reliability of the Compressed gases.

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Dear Sir,

Kindly tell me what is the acceptance criteria of Microbial count in compressed gas and Nitrogen gas. Which pore size filter paper shall be used for testing the particles.

Thanking you

Pulla Reddy Karnati.

If you are using Nitogen as a blacketing–its comes as critical utility.
You must carry out proper risk assessment.
If its is critical you must always use a sterilizing grade filter.

Let me educate you and all: Never talk about pore size. Never will be pore size the same diameter at every pore on the surface area of the membrane. Always talk about Sterilizing Grade Membrane. Pore sizes are representatives of some companies.
You must chose a filter based up on the criticality for your use and what it should do.

Regarding Microbiology it is no growth for aerobic and anaerobic for sterile applications