Cleanroom Source


has anybody got a good source that shows the particle emmision from personnel gowned and ungowned? I’m also looking for some source that shows approximete emmision when doing activities such as sitting, standing, walking, arm movement, etc.

I’m also looking for another shows that reflects the estimated causes of contamination in cleanrooms. Maybe a chart or somethign of the sort. Thank you.

Please read this post.

Thank you for the info Durga.

I know personnel should move in a cleanroom unidirectionally, but does that include materials also? If it is, do know a source where I can find that written somewhere? Please advise. Thanks.

Materials and Men movement must be unidirectional.
The Process movement must be uni directional too.
There are no zig zag movements or to and fro movements.
Its basic principle of any GMP in sterile operations

Thank you for the response Durga. Does anybody know the sterility of medical grade CO2 gas? Trying to do a risk assessment and trying to evaluate the gas that we use. Thanks in advance.

Honestly speaking no growth for aerobic and anaerobic for sterile applications.