Cleaning method evaluation (Part II): Correlating the analytical method validation fo

In the earlier part the said topic, we have discussed the overview of the cleaning method evaluation, One step further in depth; we will discuss the method to correlate the analytical method validation for estimation of residue and the cleaning method validation and we will demonstrate to establish the rationales for the swabbing and its related activities. The establishment of the correlation between the analytical method validation and cleaning method plays vital role. The mismatch of both may lead to the invalidity of the analytical method validation and cleaning method validation. In this topic we will discuss exclusively for the swab method, During the planning of the validation, we have to perform some of the theoretical work and then the practical work, the sequence of the same will be as follows:

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In the article it is mentioned Ensure that the value obtained for limit of the swab is double than the LOD of the method . Why it is required?
Is it not suitable if the ECL is higher than the LOD but not necessarily mor than twice?