Clean Room Readiness prior to starting TAB exercises

Hi All,

I have some questions on room readiness prior to performing TAB. Our company would like to start the TAB exercises soon but some of the equipment that has to be installed in the rooms are delayed for delivery. Is it possible to start TAB for these rooms and why? What are the basic room readiness requirements that has to be met before TAB? I am thinking that maybe they can start the TAB as long as they take into account the air drawn out or air exhausted into the room by the equipment (BSC, LAF, etc.) in their calculation of air supplied into the room, but I’m not sure.

Your help are much appreciated. Thank you.

I suggest you to bring the cleanroom in “at rest” mode and then start the TAB procedures.
You should complete the installation of equipment and the sealing of cleanroom istallation, and then you may easily start with the adjusting of HVAC system.