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I want to know why C of CGMP changed to c to C. The letter small c changed to large C. what is the logic behind it.

Anup Sharma
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Hi Anup,

‘c’ or ‘C’ has nothing to do with chnages in GMP. These are all acronym generated by people. In actual, CGMP is the correct abbreviation as per FDA.


I’ve seen many pages of FDA website. both cGMP & CGMP are used there. Which one is correct.

Most of the times in such abbreviations a small letter is used

For example hCG in this h denotes Human CG = Chorionic Gonadotrophin

In the similar fashion it is c denotes for Current in cGMP

Dear All,

cGMP and CGMP both are same, don’t worry about this, don’t think about this. practically both are same.

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