Calibration Question

We have a balance that the supplier says operates from 0.1g to 1000g.

We are going to use it between 50g and 500g, so its with the supplier range.

However the calibration as suggested by engineering should be 50g +/- 2g and 500g +/- 25g.

Is it correct the more weight you apply you can increase your tolerance.

Surely it is dependent on the quality of the instrument and a % should be applied i.e 5% not individual tolerance.

Appreciate any feedback.


Are you sure engineering is talking about balance tolerance or are they talking about product acceptance tolerance? I can see accepting product in a 5% tolerance range.

Hello Yodon,

No we have a tolerance for the product +/- 5% all across the range. So the answer is they want to implement two tolerances for thecalibration of the balance, i.e wider range for the heavier weight.


In my opinion, the tolerance should be reduced when weight is increased. It means the tolerance range is more stringent for heavy weight than lighter weight.