Calibration of thermo hygrometer

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Is there any established standards or calibration method which I can refer to so that I can perform calibration of thermo hygrometer?
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as far as I know there is not an established standard for calibration of thermo-hygrometer.
You can perform calibration in house (in case a higher level calibration is not required) according to your approved calibration procedure.
Generally, calibration procedures are mostly by comparison with reference device, reference material or reference kit, these have to have valid calibration traceable to national standards. Calibration should be done at least for 3 different points within required range (e.g. 5%, 50%, 95% of range).

For calculation of measuring uncertainty can refer to publication EA-4/02 Evaluation of the Uncertainty of Measurement in Calibration or ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008 Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)

I have found NIST article about Calibration of Hygrometer withHumidity generator (attached).
Maybe you can find some more useful info here

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