Calculation of air flow in fermentors

Dear all,
I am working in biotech industry & would like to know how vvm of air is calculated. Please do needful.
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Till date no one has given any comment on my query? Is anybody capable to explain my query?

VVM…Vessel Volume/Minute.

I’m not 100% sure what the question is.

eg. If you have a 1000 liter fermenter, with 600 liters of liquid broth…1 VVM would be equal to 600lpm of air flow via Air rotameter. 1.5 vvm = 600x1.5…etc etc.

Does this help?

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vvm can be varied from capacity of fermenter: and is absolutely measured using rotameter. And vvm also depends on the nature of broth using in the fermenter (cultrue growing in fermenter).