Valutek hopes new reusable cleanroom glove will help pharma researchers wave goodbye to laboratory discomfort.

Phoenix, US-based cleanroom equipment supplier Valutek said that: “Operators have three common complaints: they are constrictive, causing hand fatigue; they are uncomfortable because they cause sweatiness; and they have a poor fit.

“It’s no surprise that due to these factors, operators are constantly looking for any excuse to remove them, causing disruption and potential contamination in critical environments.”

The new gloves are designed to tackled just this type of problem and provide both the protection and flexibility required for pharmaceutical research and development.

The front of each glove is coated in ultra-clean polyurethane (PU) where the glove comes in contact with the product, while the back is coated with breathable nylon to enhance operator comfort.

CEO Greg Halland said: “You operate your controlled environment to ensure consistency of your product and research, and getting your operators to perform at their highest level is a demanding task.

What is the possibility / probability in using routine Mfg. operations / cost factor !!

Any brief idea on this…