Best Data Loggers for Temperature, Humidity and Pressure?

Hello there,
I am looking for a best data logger system for Temperature, humidity and pressure with data integrity. Our applications are Sterilisation, Depyrogenation, Fridge & Freezer, Pasteurisation, Freeze drying, Enviro (wireless) and Transport. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated?

You have many different applications and a wide variation in temperature. I would look into the Kaye, Lives or Data trace systems as you can find they cover the wide range you have. For transport I would go with smaller less expensive MicroDAQ ones.

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We found the datatrace RHtemp101s to be the easiest to use for Environmental Monitoring (fridge/freezers) between -40 and up to 115 C. For steam/lyo/depyro applications, the old TC (Thermocouple) system with Kaye Validation is tried and true, and though not wireless, were the most reliable, and most recognized in the industry. We tried wireless for steam, and it never really worked out that good, and we abandoned it.

Basically would get two systems. The Kaye (with TC’s) and the wireless DataTrace RHTemp101A’ (or similar).

I’m not sure about the best pressure probes, though . Cannot help you on that one.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Is there anybody having experience with Madge tech data loggers?

Madge Tech were rebranded DataTrace loggers. We bought Madge Tech from a different supplier, but the Madge Tech could actually use the DataTrace software also (and vice versa) so basically they were the same thing. I’m not sure the history of the companies, or distributors - I know it was a little strange. I think someone told me once that one of the companies buys the probes in bulk (at a discount) and then resells them for a profit as a kind of distributor.

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Dear folks,

Can anyone suggest the best data logger for Depyrogenation tunnel for qualification.


Very difficult. Remote loggers (wireless) need to be shielded so that the batteries don’t overheat and damage the loggers. I purchased a depyro set of loggers from Kaye. They were expensive, needed additional parts, but were useful-ish.

Alternatively, if you have a Kaye 2000 Validation, you can purchase TC wires that are depyro rated (with a coating that is made of Kevlar, I think). This is the most common method of qualifying a depyrogenation oven.