Automatic validation of data by the system


during a project, I have to move the process of calibration data entry, from the lims system (never seen that before, calibration data managed in a Lims) to the Maintenance system (more logical to me).
The point is that in the current system (Lims), after a result entry within the limit, the is automatically validating the data, and turn the instrument status from 'to calibrate" to “calibrated” or “qualified”, without any sign off or human operation.

The automatic status change to a lower status is quite standard, but the opposite I didn’t knew.
Does it seems compliant to you?

I have never heard about this before, but seems to be a functionality in LIMS which has to be validated before usage. If it is validated, means shows the correct behavior as expeced, I would regard this as compliant, why not?

Cheers gtf

I have heard about this information. But I am not clear about it. Who can explain it clearly?