Authentication and Non-repudiation of Data

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I wonder can anyone give me some easy to understand explanations? I am going to validate a database shortly and have been ‘reading up’ on what to look out for, in the Risk Assessment. I read an article recently and it talked about Authentication of Data and Non-repudiation of Data. Can anyone tell me what the difference is.? does one have something to do with printed out copies etc?



You may refer the terms as
Data Authentication : A process used to verify data integrity, e.g., verification that data received are identical to data sent.
Non-repudiation of data : Non-repudiation refers to a state of affairs where the purported maker of a statement will not be able to successfully challenge the validity of the statement or contract. The term is often seen in a legal setting wherein the authenticity of a signature is being challenged. In such an instance the authenticity is being “repudiated”.

Yes, Printed copies may be a methodology for verification & future evidence.

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