Auditors - Some are Good and Some are Bad

We are a ISO9001:2001 listed Company in South Africa. We’ve been ISO listed for the last 11 years. During this period we had some very good auditrs and some very bad auditors. One of the worst auditors that we had was from a customer that expected from us to change our system to what he wants it to be. When i said to him that our system for traceabilty is in place he got angry at me. I spoke to my MD afterards and he agreed with me.

Two months later the same auditor came around because of a problem he had on some of the parts that was supplied. On the short side i was called into a disciplinary becuase of him. I got out wiht a verbal warning.

Our current 2nd party auditing company’s auditors are brilliant. They come in and audit our system to the best of their ability and will make recomendations where necessary.
What experience did you had with auditors.