Audit Trials and Access

Hi Everyone

Does anyone know if Access has an audit trail function and if so how to use it, otherwise could anyone recommend a commercial audit trail package to use on Access.

Many thanks


Access does not have a built-in audit trail function. You can develop within Access to simulate an audit trail feature; however, there must be adequate controls in place to ensure compliance to Part 11.
More robust databases, such as Oracle and Sequel Server have built-in audit trail capabilities.

I would look for an off the shelf system that does what you need. The price tag may scare you off and make you think you could do it in access faster and cheaper, but when it is all said and done you will most likely end up paying more. Access has great difficulty running in an enterprise mode, SQL is a much better for that.

Hi Eng1,‎

To the best of me knowledge commercial plug ins are available from:‎

‎2. The other from Ofni‎

I think both of them do the job of part 11 compliance for you.‎
I also think the one from ofni cost less and require a bit more technical knowledge ‎than the one from CIMCON.
I dont know the prices but I think it cost a few thousands $ per database. ‎
If you want to write the VBA code for the audit trial user self it’s not too hard I did it before.‎