Audit Management software recommendations


I am looking to source some audit management software. Can anyone recommend any products? Which ones work best? What are the costs of such a system? Has anyone developed their own system? What were the pros and cons of making your own system?

I welcome any advice!!!


The company I just finished with had a canned package that was used. It was not too used friendly, rigid in it’s reporting, and really was not of much use.

I programmed an Access database to do the whole thing and it gives them all the reporting they need as well as flexibility. sugest you look into a home-grown package the does what YOU want it to do. The other advantage is, by doing it yourself (orthe IS Guru’s), you will be able to make changes as necessary with a minimal cost and delay.

Our company uses Excel, Access, and Word to manage internal audits.
• Excel used to manage the schedule.
• An Access Database has been developed to manage nonconformances
• Microsoft Word is used for documenting audit plans and Audit reports.

Any software implementation consultant worth $.02 US will tell you to clear up and clean up your manual process before automating it. With a process as simple as internal auditing, there’s little need to automate it if it’s running smoothly.

My main gripe against QMS software is that it encourages you to sit at your keyboard when you should be checking the water quality in the company’s value stream. It can isolate you.

Spend your time building the skills of your internal auditors, keep your audit team focused on what’s important, know what’s going on in the organization and eliminate your own waste motion and you will be better off.