Article of the Month Oct 08 - Qualification of Water Systems

Article of the Month - October

Water is one of the most widely used substances, and raw materials, or an ingredient in the production, processing, and formulation of pharmaceuticals. Control of the organic and inorganic impurities and microbiological quality of water is important because proliferation of micro-organisms ubiquitous in water may occur during the purification, storage, and distribution of this substance. Although there are various quality grades of water used for pharmaceutical purposes, all kinds of water are usually manufactured from drinking water or comparable grade water as a source water

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Thanks for the article!

Nice article


it seems to be very superficial
pls provide brief

Hi Goood article
I want one suggestion from youm
We have completed Phase III of the water qualfication system last year and we are doing the testing as per sampling plan,In whcih we cover all the sampling points in one weeks time.
We want to reduce the BET testing freqquency, can you please let me know what us the mechnism by which we can reduce the BET testing frequency or appropriate justification or guidelin.