An Adventure in IQ Development - Your Input is Key!


So how do you develop your IQ’s. We were wondering the same thing here at so we decided to create a fictitious situation (with the help of greymass2003) where a client is using a machine from a simple little company in a simple little process for a simple little devise that everyone uses.

The idea is that our community will act as specialists in this situation and provide input as to the best way to create the IQ. This will consist of individuals chipping in to ask the manufacturer (In this scenario greymass2003) the correct questions in order to develop a fully compliant IQ document.

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Your input is key to the success of the IQ!


Ok i’ll get the ball rolling.

As the Validation Specialist:

The first thing I would ask for in this situation is for a description of the system. Possibly a text description and a diagram showing the layout would be a good start to develop the IQ.