Worried I may lose my job

I work in the lab in major multinational pharmaceutical company, last week I did something rather stupid at work.Basically I got caught out in a lie.My supervisor was informed and she let me know that she would be setting up a meeting with hr to discuss this and my performance in other issues within the last year.I have since had that meeting which was quite formal, there was no arguing and everyone was cordial with each other. I was given a document with every mistake/errors I have made since I joined the company over a year ago.this ranged from deviations I needed raise due to mistakes I made while performing tests, low training score poor GMP etc.

I have been asked to write a writen reponse to this document and hand it back within the next few days.I have to say in my defence that a few of those details that were raised was not entirely my fault and I also successfully passed my 6 month probation and 1 year review.

I am not sure how to respond, should I accept responsibilty that my performance to date has not been up to standard and hope to get the oppourtunity to improve or should I be more defensive and argue why I think some of the issues raised were not entirely my fault.

Do you think I will be sacked or just warned

Thanks for your help

Basically i am working in the multi national company and last week i have not work in well an good manner then also i send my report which is wrong so after that he was checked it and find problem so its totally cheating with company so i am worried about my job ?

Well, for starters, what was the lie? Was it pertaining to data that is reported on an official GMP document? I think you need to sit down, ponder the event…all the events. If there are extenuating circumstances, then explain, but honestly, even if it was not entirely your fault, if your name is associated with it, you need to take ownership. That shows integrity and responsibility. I currently manage 2 departments and would prefer an employee come to me and address a mistake up front. If an employee lies to me about data, documents, etc, I would not think twice about firing them. It is falsifying documents and it is not acceptable. However, if you make a mistake and you address it, it shows that you realize the process and are willing to try to correct your actions and improve your performance.
I wish you luck. Be very honest and in your response, outline a corrective action: How do YOU propose to improve your job performance…this shows you have thought things through and are trying to commit.

Sonofsuperman, you absolutely need to own up to any “lies”. It is interesting that you characterize it as such. I have had staff who made huge mistakes, often because they simply did not understand the science, but I honestly would say that if I found out that someone had lied I would be extremely reluctant to keep them on staff. It sounds like you have done an adequate, but not outstanding, job over the last year or so. It would be very difficult for a manager to “fall on their sword” for you (really defend you) in these tough times unless you provide some outstanding service to the company. I have found that these types of issues are often simply a mis-match between employer and employee. You may be best served in the long run to start trying to find a new position in something that is better suited to your skills. However, you will definitely have to deal with the “lie” issue regardless of what happens. If you believe that you have been unfairly accused, make sure that is documented. If there are explanatory reasons as to why you made errors (for example, training issues) make sure your manager knows. The best advice is to take a deep breath and really evaluate what you have done and most importantly, what you want to do next. Do not panic or overreact. Good luck!

Hello Sonofsuperman,
I also has experience in working multinational company. But, it is totally depend on your boss, how to react with the situations.
Some supervisors understand there juniors well and some don’t and even some don’t want to understand purposefully.
Every problem can be solved by discussing and understanding why, how it has happened ? Even, I don’t react if some juniors make mistakes. If they do, it is the time we need to train them and give a warning not to do the same mistake again.
If you made mistakes which is related to GMP knowingly, then i think it is serious, but not that much to sack you from job.
Assure your boss that same mistake will not happen next time.
All the best.