What’s the difference between a Validation Consultant and a Validation Contractor?

All opinions welcome!

Interesting question. Here’s my take.

Consultant: “Here’s how to do it.” (Preceded, of course, by “You’re doing it all wrong!”)

Contractor: “Here, I’ll do it.”

Of course, the lines often blur considerably and the terms are often interchanged.

I agree Yodon,

It’s amazing how many people advertise themselves as “Consultants” when it’s not justified!


The way Yodon described the words is amazing.
Its 100% right.
A consultant will jump in and mis-guides us and get misguided.
A contractor jumps in and does all right stuff and shows the way for the misguided.

Actually My opinion is different,

Consultants come in picture at planning stage ( when we need to implement any new aspect / upgrade). Owner & Consultant design the concept. Consultants are not the actual designer or implementor, while they route us through various industry practices / Guidance documents / Binded Laws & easier way to implement the concept in our scenerio. On the other hand the contractor is the real man with the hard core implementation skills they come in picture once the concept is finalized (what to do)…& do the nut & screw level enginnering there.

The terms are misinterpreted as due to business compte…few contractors become as consulatnt as well to increase the business & one stop shop for user…

Happy Reading !