What is the maximum daily dose for topical products?

Good day for everyone :
please I try to complete cleaning validation protocol for topical products , and I need the maximum daily dose for those product( betamethsone , dermodin , fugidin , celavix ) and I dont know how to find the maximum daily dose calculation . I will be thankful for any help . thanks for all

Hi there,

I used the value of 5g. Meaning that each dose of the cream/ointment/gel/emulsion is applied in 5g.

It could be a bit too much, depending on the cases, but for us it worked well. Then we adjusted the daily dose according to the number of applications/day according to the product leaflet.

This was excluded for product with lower presentations (e.g. 3mL products). Those were used as single dose products.

Hope it can help!

thank you so much