What is the difference between opportunity and defect in Six Sigma?


can any one tell me the difference between an opportunity and a defect in Six Sigma along with any websites that could give me more information on this topic.

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As a definition (extract from a web site)

an opporunity : Any area within a product, process, service, or other system where a defect could be produced or where you fail to achieve the ideal product in the eyes of the customer. In a product, the areas where defects could be produced are the parts or connection of parts within the product. In a process, the areas are the value added process steps. If the process step is not value added, such as an inspection step, then it is not considered an opportunity.

A defect : Any type of undesired result is a defect.

A failure to meet one of the acceptance criteria of your customers. A defective unit may have one or more defects.

‘A defect is a failure to conform to requirements’ (Crosby, ‘Quality Is Free’), whether or not those requirements have been articulated or specified.

The non-conformance to intended usage requirement

Opportunities are the things which must go right to satisfy the customer. It is not the number of things we can imagine that can go wrong .

As per above definitions, one can conclude that an opportunity is a possibility for a defect but, a defect is a result.

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