Weighing balance

Can abody tell me what is minimum and maximum quantity can I weigh on balance.
R R Pakhare

It depends on the balance you are using.
You have micro analytical, Analytical and normal Balances.
1mg to 1000 kgs I have seen.

Thanks for the reply. But , my question is, if I have a analytical balance of leat count 0.1mg and weighing capacity of 120gms. Can I can weigh precisely as per least count of 0.1mg and can I weigh to 120gms?

I think you can weigh up to 120gms. Iam afriad about 0.1mg.

It depends on the technical specification of your balance. They are ranged differently depending on their intended use, some are small benchtop balances that are used to weigh small, light items and others are large and can facilitate heavy vessels an people.

If you tell me what balance you’re using I’ll try and find a specification for you.


You should only measure in the mid range of your balance capabilities - this ensures it accuracy to weigh items at each extremes will incur greater inaccurancies. Your balance vendor should give you the acceptable range - not just it’s complete range

hi rajan,
all balance be it micro balance , analytical balance or normal balance will definetly have a operating range.
The thumb rule adopted throughout the pharma industry is to fix a working range for the balance and then calibrate accordingly and use it in order to minimise the errors. the working rang could be 20%to80%of the operating range.
this has been accepted and is a un written rule followed as per my knowledge. However the case may vary depending on the organizations views and the availability of balances for a wide renge of weighing porposes with different precisions/ accuracy level requirements.

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agreed with Mr. S.R.,

There are three terms being used for balances

  1. Operating Range
  2. Calibration Range
  3. Design Range

Design Range : The capacity of balance as provided by he supplier.
Calibration range : The range which is going to be calibrate & finally Operating Range ; The range which one in practical going to be weigh.
The Operating range must fall nside the calibration range as a thumb rule and Ofcourse ! Rule 20 : 80 % is still in existance while selecting the operating range for weighing balances.

One should not miss the key Factor : Load Cell !!

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Excellent comment-Ashish sir

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You can weigh only over the range of the balance in the divisions indicated on the face plate - this is indicated by an “e” symbol with the amount next to it.

In some cases the scale can be recalibrated to a different range, but the increments will change as a result - there are only a finite number of divisions for the load cell, typically, 3000 or 6000.

So - if you increase the range, you increase the increments they go up in