Water Standard - Link, Specs

I would like to know the link or information where I can reference specs for Biological Testing for Purified Water. Specifically…Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater for Purified Water.

you could try the pharmacopoeas such as the BP/EP for methods and specs for the testing of purified water, I would assume also that the USP would be of some help. As for the specs for waste water local water authorities would be able to tell you what your allowed to dispose of. I don’t see why you would need specs on the waste (except to show it’s safe to dispose of down the drain), but water testing isn’t really my area. The method would be the same as for the purified water.

Thanks for your response. The units for the specs. are Colony Forming Units (CFU) - for Biological Testing. We do reference USP specs. for Chemical Testing only. I will have to do more searching…

As per USP 31 <Chapter No: 1231> Water For Pharmaceutical purpose give all detail inofrmation about Source water to Water for Injection.

Also give the microbial consideration.