Water Disribution line FAT

Dear sir,

  1. I want to know how we can check the material of constrution of pipe line (MOC of pipe line) ?

  2. I have some idea also it is possible by some chemical kit method is there any other method is there?

  3. How can we check line is electro polished or not ? Pl.give the brief details about electro polish process.



Do you happen to have a FAT Protocol Template I can use for reference? I would greatly appreciate the assistance…

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Validation Guru

You Require FAT protocol of Water system or General Template.

Please clarify then definately i will send to you.

Pankaj Sojitra.

There are questions generally asked by auditors.
In such casses you must have a 3rd party testing procedures.
For material of contacts, Thickness , Roughness average of Electropolishing etc.
You must ask the external agency to come, pick up samples before such installtions, after getting a clear report you must install the systems.
When you actually approve a vendor, you must ask these questions, look their earlier reports and also tell that you need a 2nd or 3rd party report on quality.
This is very important.
You must mention all tests as Annexures to the FAT report.