Warehouse Mapping - Splitting


My question is in regards to mapping a huge warehouse. We have a warehouse which we cant map all at once due to the limited availability of data loggers as I do not want to exceed 20 meters gap in any direction for the mapping.

Is it acceptable to split the mapping into two parts and cover half of the warehouse under one study and the other half in another.

Is it acceptable from audit stand point?

and any pointers on how I should split the warehouse for the study?

I recently mapped a 750,000 sq ft warehouse. I had approx. 65 wireless loggers to work with. I broke it up in to three sections over a three week period. Hope this helps a little.

@NC_Calibr8R. Yes that is what I am going to do. I am actually planning to monitor the outside temperature too so that I can justify the equivalency in weather conditions over the period of the whole study to go with my seasonal mapping.

Thanks for your reply!