Volumetric solutions preparations

Is it required to use primary standards for volumetric solutions preparation!


No. because it need to be standardize no matter how, except for those that are readily to be used that can be obtained in ampoule form.

Usually Primary standards[suppliers: MERCK, Rankem] are available and Its Certificate of analysis is also avilable with manufacturer. It is better to use those standard only.

I hope it is required in case of volumetric solutions.

Because we do not prepare these standards by our own mfg units or labs especially for the purpose.

Bujji Reddy Kanchi.

Volumetric solutions should be standardized by titration against primary standard or by titration with standard solution that has been recently standardized against primary standard.
Solution of primary standard or highly purified salts that are of primary standard quality do not require standardization initially. Standard solutions may be prepared by accurately weighing and dissolving it to produce a specific volume.