Vial washing Cycle


i have recently joined the industry and working in a parenteral unit, cud anybody
tell me what are the stages used in the vial washing??


Vial recieving
Dedusting of Vial shippers
Vials sampling
Vial approval and Storage
Vial decartoning
Vial arrangement in trays
Vial washing

[b]Vial loading on to vial machine
Vial washing with RECYCLED WATER
Air blown into vial
Vial washing with DM water
Air blown into vials
Vial washed with water for injection
Air blown into Vial

The quality of air is from compressor which is always oil free and the filtered air thru 0.2 microns

DM water must be fresh and it should be 5 micron filtered.
Recycled water is from the machine only and it should be filteredthry 10 microns
Water for injection is filtered thru 0.2 microns.

All contact machine parts are SS316L grade
Air pressure is 3-3.5 Bar[/b]

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Thanks for the information…