Vendor Audits Tips & Tricks

Vendor Audits Tips & Tricks

Article of the month November 07.

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Excellent article as usual thank you

Maybe like this!

  • Define auditdate
  • Inform Vendor about the audit
  • Send Vendor an audit checklist / questionnaire which needs to be
    answered with
    evidence where nessecary and possible to leave the organization.
    So no delicate documents or information will leave the vendors site
  • Getting the answered checklist with evidences
  • Review the checklist and form consequences e.g. which process do I
    still need to audit, which ones not? What will I audit
    specifically concerning the checklist? For sure all the delicate
    processes and documents if they are important for me…
  • Conduct a physical audit to fill the gaps of the checklist and to
    assure yourself that the checklist has been answered in thorough
  • Write your audit report
  • Form experience…

I was thinking of something like that! But because I haven´t
conducted an audit yet nor do I have been at an external audit I
can´t say if this is mor timeconsuming or timesaving because the
time needed will be split over a month or two or something like