Validator 2000 Error messages

I am consulting for a company doing alot of re-quals on freezers, incubators, autoclaves, etc. I have over 6 years of Validator 2000 experience. My client is running v2.30 software.

They have experienced corrupt files periodically, where after the study is complete, the file is not displayed in the create records section of the software. They have found that the software stores the corrupted data in the root of the val2k folder rather than the qual folder. They have been able to extract the file and send it to GE who was able to extract the data and send it back in excel.

The first run I did for them had the same corrupt data issue. During the second run, I not only had corrupt data, but also received a pop-up error message with the title “Validator 2000” that stated “Run-time error ‘8021’: Application-defined or object-defined error”. According to Microsoft regarding VB:

Run-time errors are those that appear only after you compile and run your code. These involve code that may appear to be correct in that it has no syntax errors, but that will not execute. For example, you might correctly write a line of code to open a file. But if the file is corrupted, the application cannot carry out the Open function, and it stops running. You can fix most run-time errors by rewriting the faulty code, and then recompiling and rerunning it.

To me, it sounds like either there is a flaw in the software code, or a file it is using to run is corrupt.

The second error occurred this morning. I ran a requal on a -80C freezer overnight, collecting data at 30 second intervals for 16 hours (4 hour stabilization, 12 hour run). All was going well until I quit the study at the end. I then got another error message titled “Communications Link Error” which said “The validator internal memory has wrapped. The qualification file has been terminated.” It appears my study data is gone.

I should also mention that my client made the decison a few years back to disable the floppy drive usage because they felt that the removable media was a security risk, so nothing was written to the floppy during any of these runs.

Has anyone encountered any of these errors? Can anyone provide guidance? I have tried to contact Kaye to no avail as of yet. Thanks

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Have you been performing all of the studies that you have had the problems with using the same computer as it could be that the problem relates to the computer hard drive and it is unable to write to the disk and therefore the files become corrupt.

Where are you based as I know of another company in the UK that might be able to help.

Scott Mc Bean