Validation Plan for Robotic automation in secondary packaing area

Dear Friends,
I am an automation guy from automotive sector currently working for pharmaceutical industry.
I have initiated one project in secondary packaging for collating the bottles and putting it into shipper. for which we have prepared URS.
I am confused at what point of time validation plan has to be prepared because as per V Model it has to be prepared before URS.

Can any one guide me for validation flow for complete project…
I am new to pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Sachin

you can get any information using the internet . what is the Validation Plan in details?

VP has a lot of information for that project. however, I think your project has already belonged to any Validation Master plan in QA.
and Discuss it with your QA Team.
They has a lot of Validation plan document and information.
Because that is not your charge. I think Any flow for your VMP is in your validation SOP.
Validation plan is so huge concept.
there are usually responsibility, Form. when to start, how to plan, what to do, where to build, why to start. etc

your friend