Validation of tablet punches supplier


Kindly i raise this request because we don’t have much time and we are waiting for inspection very soon.

We have 40 set of punches each set has 30 punches, these punches are old but never used and we are going to validate these punches retrospectively as we don’t have any certificate for them. These punches are from two suppliers, so, we will validate 10 sets (batches) for each supplier in order to validate the supplier himself.
Part of validation is to measure the physical dimension of these punches (total length, diameter, inner diameter,…,etc.) so totally will have 6 types of physical measurements and if we calculate the measurements that we will take it will be: 20 batches x 30 punches x 6 types of measurements = 3600 measurements which is taking too much time, so we can not proceed with this.

Is there any accepted methodology to deal with this case? should we measure all punches for the 10 batches or can we take for example 3 batches full measurements then randomly measure the remaining 7 batches?

if anybody can help, i will be thankful

Please try to provide a reference if available