Validation of MS Excel Spreadsheets - Article of the month May 08

Validation of MS Excel Spreadsheets Brought to you by Ty Mew - President, Ofni Systems Inc This article will present a simple method for validating MS Excel spreadsheets for GXP use. The goal of our validation strategy is to provide better testing and documentation of individual spreadsheets in less time. Once we establish this methodology, we can rapidly apply it to many spreadsheets to reach compliance faster.

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Thank you

Nice article, very good information.

As always another useful and interesting article. Any chance a similar article ‎will be published for microsoft access. ‎

Oded:) ‎

Yes Ty is currently writing a similar article for access validation, we hope to have it live for our June newsletter edition.


Really nice article, going to share with a colleague who is working on this at the moment.

Thank you

Thank you for sharing. This is useful and interesting information.

It seems to me that spreadsheet validation is a microcosm of computer validation generally. :slight_smile:

Computer Validation Specialist